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Rc quad copter drones are controlled by using an Iphone or Android based cell phone. They create their own Wifi network and have inbuilt cameras so you can watch what the drone is flying over. Games have also been developed that all you to do battle with other drone owners. After the cost of your phone the actual drone unit will cost you $100-$500, though classed as toys they are more like expensive radio controlled planes and helicopters of the past. The drones break easy, batteries don't last that long and there is a number of enhancements you can buy. 

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This site is to inform you about the cheapest and best deals you can get online for drones like the Ar Parrot and many of the newer cheaper versions available.

Best Drones

Parts for your drone are needed, a second battery, extra propeller wings and motor casings. There are also bladed you can attach for battles, streamer shooters and other weapons. Better cameras and night vision ability for drones are now out too, along with silent mode motors for spying :) So if you looking for the best drones at discount low prices you should book mark us now. For your viewing pleasure we also have a number of drone flying videos that you can watch.

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